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"The Journey Is The Destination"

Our great journeys

Initially, you will learn about our experiences from older trips. First in Europe and after 2013 on other continents. Since we started going further into the world after the age of sixty, there will be more recent talk not only about cycling, but also about traveling by car, bus and plane. I almost forgot - we also thanked the motorcycles in an emergency - as co-drivers. Where it was not possible to ride a bike, we also walked on foot, somewhere with a greater load on our backs.

Obsah nového webu jsem začal tvořit 30. listopadu 2021 a věřím, že práce na něm bude pokračovat i v budoucnu. Chcete-li se podívat na původní stránky, které jsem přestal doplňovat v roce 2001, zvolte OLD WEB. Z něj na nové stránky zkopíruji převážnou většinu textu. Fotografie jsou ale v dnešní době těžko použitelné a tak musím dohledat a naskenovat originály.

From a young age, I longed to travel, and when the border gate opened in 1968, my sister and I were looking to take advantage of that. However, we returned from Austria at a rather wrong time - on the evening of August 20th. The events of the following days ended all the travel prospects of most citizens for a long time.

Now my wife Jarka and I are trying to catch up. We chose the cheapest means of transport - the bike. By car, we would certainly be able to see more, but we would definitely lack direct contact with people and the landscape. Of course, we started at home, the youngest two children went with us for the first year. Later, they got a little lazy, so since then my wife Jarka and I have been riding alone.

Travelling to Krimmel Waterfalls

August 1995 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

The first foreign trip led from home (from Přimda) through Germany to Austria to the Krimml Waterfalls and back through the Šumava (1200 km) ...

Portugal on bikes '96

July and August 1996 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

The following year we went a little further - to Portugal. However, we would not have enough vacation to travel there and back, so we took it by car. Portugal is a beautiful country, unfortunately we did not have time to go around them even though we cycled almost 1700 km ...

How we conquered Torre

August 1996 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

Following the very busy road, the main inland north-south arterial road, we approach the city of Covilhã. At the top of a long climb, a breathtaking view of the Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain range in Portugal, with the Torre peak rising to a height of 1993 meters, opens up a breathtaking view of us. We don't know how high passable roads lead for our bikes, but surprisingly Jarek agrees with my proposal to go up ...

Great Britain '98

July and August 1998 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

We are deciding where to go this year. Last year's bath in the Atlantic, off the coast of western Brittany, was excellent. We just shouldn't have dragged those awful, bloated, warm feather sleeping bags with us. And we had to pack a proper map of Germany. Germany is only a short distance from the map of France and it is difficult to find a way without a map. Even when the sun is shining and lichen is growing on the trees. That's the only way we managed to do it in Přimda to the pub. They almost locked her in front of us. And the next day to work.

For example, Britain, Jarda sent us a detailed car atlas, we also have an invitation from him, I dusted the wheels, the chains are new, the tires as well. Scotland is said to be wonderful ...

Scandinavia and Finland 2000

July and August 2000 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

I finally convinced my wife that there would be no such cold in the north, and moreover: home is from the top of the globe downhill. So on Sunday, July 16, we set off ...

Romania 2001

July and August 2001 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

This year, it was time for persuasion again. Jarka perceived the terrifying rumors of Romania rather than my arguments about the hospitality of the southern nations. In the end, with a three-day delay caused by the construction of my new machine, we set off: from Přimda via Austria and less interesting in Hungary to the southern Banat, where we intended to visit one of the Czech villages ...

Nepal 2013

July, August 2013 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

At the end of the summer of 2016, during a cycling weekend with a cycling party, our friends asked us: "Don't you want to come to Nepal with us?"

Why not ...

New Zealand 2016

October to December 20016| Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

Our children probably wanted to get rid of us again. That probably won't be true - why would they buy us return tickets.

They say we have to come up with the program ourselves. It was one of the most beautiful holidays in our lives. New Zealand is a beautiful country with a pleasant population. Being younger, we would definitely move there right away ...

Island 2017

July and August 2017 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

"Don't you want to take the bikes to Iceland?" our friend Petr Burian asked us, who organizes trips with his colleagues almost all over the world.

Why not ...

France '97

July and August 1997 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

In 1997, we again longed for a sea bath, so we let ourselves be driven to the German-French border and from there we pedaled along the Rhine-Marne canal, past the castles of the Loire to the sea...

Switzerland and France '99

July and August 1999 | Jaroslava and Petr Kraus

We were taken to Stožec, from where we reached the Danube in Passau. Next, we walked upstream to St. Moritz and crossed the Albula pass (2315 m above sea level) cross through Switzerland. To the west, we walked through France to the island of Oléron ...

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